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NESB Project News

NESB are proud of their achievements and some of the exciting projects we have worked on. We like to keep the news section updated with the projects we work on so potential clients can see first hand what our capabilities are.

  • Sunderland 2020

    One of our clients were in need of a vessel and crew for some inspection work on and under Queen Alexandra Bridge.   Vessel Sea GRU was used

    The project was completed on time and again another happy client.

     Sun Pic 1   Sun Pic 2

    Sun Pic 3    Sun Pic 4

  • Edinburgh 2020

                It was an early start for the crew, as they made thier way to Edinburgh to build a pontoon under

    Anderson Place Bridge.

                The project lasted a few week due to the weather, however the job was completed which lead to another happy client.


    Edin Pic 2 edit

    Edin Pic 3 edit

    Edin pic 1 edit

    Edin Pic 4 edit

  • Commercial Vessel Supplied

    One of our regular clients were in need of a new vessel and asked us to help out.

    Within a short space of time we delivered a new vessel, outboad, trailer and equipment to our client.

    bam new boat  

  • Drilling at Ovingham

    Another drilling job for the NESB crew.

    NESB supplied 4 crew members, 2 vessels and alot of NATO pontoons. The expertise of the crew ment the job was completed on time with no incidents.

    The client was very happy as the project came to an end. Well done to all involved.  

    ovingham 1 ovingham 4  ovingham 5

  • Plastic Boat Referb

    A regular client of NESB asked us to referb one of their plastic vessels


    It took alot of patience and sanding but the results were amazing as you can see in the 3rd photo, well done guys.

    bam boat referb 2  bam boat referb 

    bam boat referb 3


  • North Shields

    NESB with our new vessel 'GRU' supporting some emergency repairs at North Shields

    It was a bit of a rough start getting past the the sand barrier on the slipway, just another challenge for the NESB crew.

    Well done to all involved.  

    North Shields emergency repair north shields emergency repair 1

    north shields emergency repair 2   

  • Repair to Dock Gates

    Hartlepool Dock Gates Repair

    NESB supporting MMS shiprepair with the Humber Engineer on an emergency repair job to the dock gates at Hartlepool. The job was completed on time without incident. Well done to all those involved.

    MMS dock gate


    MMS dock gate 5_1


    MMS dock gate 4

    MMS dock gate 3

    mms dock gate 2


  • MMS Humber Engineer

    MMS Humber Engineer


    The MMS Humber Engineer will be steaming it's way to Hartlepool in the coming weeks and will be available to charter. Please contact North East Safety Boats on 01429 868637 or websale@northeastsafetyboats.co.uk for rates and avavilablility.

  • NESB Van

    NESB Van

    Thank to the girls at LOGO ID (Hartlepool) for putting the decals on our van.


    Very please with the results.



  • Sea Minion goes to Hull

    Hull Job

    One of NESB's long standing client was in need of a work boat with a jockey console for a long term project.

    As always we deliver, our Ridge Raider was fitted with the jockey console and then towed to Hull for it to be put to work straight away.

    Well done guys.




  • Day at Goole

    We were ask by one of our clients to help with removel of vegetation from a river side sign.

    As we don't like to disappoint, we said yes.

    It was an early start for the crew and a 2 1/2 hour drive, they made it to the slip way, through the lock gates and down the river, and as usual on time. 

    Within a few hours the job was completed and again our client was happy with the proccess from start to finish.

    Amey job



  • Firework Display

    The 25th April 2019 was a late night for the NESB crew, the guys didn't mind as they were watching fireworks.

    It was a full days work getting the pontoon and boat ready and in place for the assembly crew, the next morning assembly crew come with alot of exposives and wires, as night time approched the millennium bridge lit up and the fireworks began, what seemed like miniutes it was all over, and the guys got to go home. It was an early start for the crew the next day as the pontoon needed to be dismantelted and brought. 


    reaction fireworks

    reaction fireworks 2

  • Jet Ski Refit

    Congratulations to our engineer on refitting a Yamaha Jet Ski Engine

    The engine needed new parts these were

    * Cylinder * Piston Kit * Machine Head  * Top End Gasket * Power Valve *spark Plugs x2 

    This project took 2 days to remove parts and 1 day to clean the engine, once this was completed it was then time to refit all the new parts. This was not an easy task and after a few melt downs it was finally complete.

    Then the best part, the testing in the marina, with the engine running at full throttle our engineer was having too much fun and fell off the Jet Ski SO FUNNY  but we are pleased to say he has passed his personal survival course for times like this

    The client is very happy with the end results. 

    And we are looking forward to tackle another Jet Ski






  • New Additions

    Last Friday we welcomed 4 new addtions to the NESB family

    These came in the form of large Pillar metal buoys, these were generously given to us by the Port of Tyne. Thank You.

    These are available for hire 


  • Another Yokohama

    We were asked again by INEOS to referb a Yokohama Fender, same as we did on the 06/07/2016

    Again we replaced chain, air tyres, hammer locks and fabricated end plates out of steel and then galvanised

    Well done guys another project completed in our ever expanding portfolio  

    yokohama 3 yokomama 1

  • Update on Ajax

    Now we are in 2019

    Alot has been done since last December and as promised here's some of the progress so far.

    Steel works - there were alot of parts that needed to be renewed these have now been cut out and fabricated, some of the parts that needed to be replaced are deck hatch, vents, console   

    Painted - all the fabricated and usable steel have now been primed and painted white waiting to be installed

    Shot blasted - inside the engine room and the wheel house have been shotbalsted, the engine room was a little tricky as there wasn't much space for all the equipment this was also when we found some parts needed to be welded the engine room is waiting to be painted

    Wheel house - this is in the prosess of being painted with red and then white to finish, also the windows are getting replaced 

    Hand rails - The hand rails on the port side (left) have been fixed to the deck and are ready to be painted

    Gear box - gear box is fitted just needs wiring up

    The staff have done an excellent job so far even with the weather

    Well done guys, we are well on our way! 

    See some of the pictures we took 

    IMG_0937_1   IMG_0954

    IMG_0951_1    IMG_0956













  • Northumbrian Water Jetty

    Thursday 14th November was a nice day for being on the water.

    NESB was asked by a regular client to support rope access works on the Northumbrian Water jetty at Bran Sands, 

    NESB had no problems launching Sea Rider which ment the job was able to start on time and again with our timekeeping skills the rope access staff were able to complete their work.


    wilton1_1  wilton_2


  • Ajax getting a refit

    2018 has been a busy year for NESB with planned and last minute jobs, but 2018 was exciting as we got a new vessel a multicat that we named AJAX.

    Ajax is blue and white and in need of some love. 


    So we decided to give her a refit here are the plans

    1. Full paint job inside and out including HIAB

    2. Steel work - fabricated and repalced

    3. Shot blast hull

    4. New handrails

    5. New electrics - 

    6. Engine and Gearbox referb

    As you can see from the list there is a lot of work but we are determend to get her back in the water and ready for next year. We have already started works, here is a picture of our new battery box being made  

    we'll keep you up todate on our progress

    Watch out 2019 the new and improved Ajax is comming

  • Waverider Buoy


    Another challenge for NESB


    Port of Tyne contacted NESB for a last minute project, they needed pontoons and a safety boat. 

    As we like a challenge we took it on, within 48hours there were 14 NATO pontoons and a safetyboat onsite at Riverside Quay, Newcastle.

    While finalising the installation of the safety boat and pontoons, Port of Tyne requested 24 hour crew and more equipment, once again within 24hours a 10meter gangway and a port a cabin for crew were onsite and installed.

    We worked efficiently and quickly, Port of Tyne started their project as scheduled, the project should last 2 weeks depending on weather.




  • Great Exhibition of the North

    This was an interesting project from the start, GET North wanted to add a fountain display in the centre of the River Tyne as part of an arts showcase which would be happeninovr the summer, NESB were tasked with providing the marine support for the project, this involved assisting with the construction and mobilisation of the pontoon . Once in position in the centre of the river NESB were to provide a support vessel for weekly maintenance periods untill completion of the project. On completion of the project NESB were again able to providsupport vessels in the deconstruction of the pontoon. Overall this was a challenging and unique project which was interesting in the fact that this is the first time aything like this has been done.

  • Holborn Enabling Works

    This was actually two different projects over two sites. The first project involved site investigation works at the "Old McNullty" ship yard in South Shields, the once busy shipyard has fallen in to disrepair with dock gates hanging off the dry dock entrances, the locac authorites were carrying out the investigations to see what current state the land is in and how it can be repurposed in the future. The project involved 24 hour operations with NESB providing marine support in the following ways 1 x NATO barge equipped with hydraulic spud legs and emergency anchor, 1 x mini-multicat for towage duties and 1 x rigid raider for crew transfer and towage assistance. Following completion of works at the McNullty yard NESB and it's equipment were cross hired to carry out site investigation works at the old shell jetty for a capital dredge project. This was a very successful project for NESB showcasing our capabilities and experience.

  • River Leven Bank Repairs Yarm

    Great little project with a customer we've worked with repeatedly over the years. We are providing a 20m x 1.5m pontoon along with a crewed safety boat for bank repairs being carried out on the River Leven at Yarm. We are also providing the client with a lifejacket hire service.

  • Endeavour Tow to Whitby

    A joint collaboration between NESB and Cook Marine and after months of planning the Endeavour is finally home in Whitby. The tow went extremely well with fine weather on our side and a calm sea. A huge croud was present in Whitby to welcome us in with cannons firing and bag pipers playing. Thanks again to all those involved in the project.

  • Pontoon Extension HMS Calliope

    NESB were asked to provide vessels and a marine team for the installation of a jetty extension at HMS Calliope. Utallising our work vessel Achilles for the installation work was completed ahead of schedule and again without any incident, all of this is down to the experience and professionalism of our team.

  • HM Bark Endeavour

    After months of preparation NESB and Cook Marine carried out one of its most interesting projects to date. Tasked with towing the land locked Endeavour from its mooring at Stockton-on-Tees to the Tees barrage where it then undetook a journey to dry dock at A&P Tees. Negotiating low level bridges NESB safely moored the vessel alongside the barrage in preparation for a heavy lift crane to lift her over the lock. 

  • HM Bark Endeavour

    Busy couple of day for NESB with bollard replacement work taking place at Inter Terminals and a fender, mooring line installation on the HM Bark Endeavour in preperation for towage to the Tees Barrage.

  • Thruster replacement on the GMS Evolution


    The first use of NESB's modular NATO pontoon. NESB were tasked to provide marine support for thruster installation on the GMS Evolution at Blyth. We managed to install all the thrusters on consecutive days with no issues. The pontoons were used as a platform to install each 7.6t thruster as well as accomodating all the ancillary equipment needed for the installation such as the scissor lift and generators. A lot of companies were involved to make this happen but it's great to see this sort of expertise and this type of work being carried out in the North East.










  • Boats and Pontoon at Teesport

    Our Safety Boat 'Sea Eagle'alongside our Safety / Workboat 'Sea Minion'. Moored to our 17M2 modular pontoon.

    Fitting out jetties with new access ladders.

    Provising our customers with bespoke pontoon solutions and our boats is becoming a key part of our expanded offering. 


  • NESB on YouTube

    A common question we get asked is, "What exactly is a safety boat used for?".

    So we have just created our very own YouTube Channel to give everyone an insight into our boats and our work.

    Just a few test videos initially but we will be uploading more videos showing exactly what we do and what we can offer our customers.



  • Knottingley Bridge Safety Boat

    Knottingley 250118

    A good day providing safety boat support in respect of a road bridge inspection.

  • Showroom and new business lines for 2018

    Showroom Jan18

    Tremendous effort to transform the front of our unit into a dedicated showroom area.

    Watch this space in 2018 - Outboard engines, safety equipment, chandlery, clothing, marine accessories.

  • Working at the Ineos Terminal Tees

    Ineos Jan 18

    First job of 2018 - Ineos Terminal - Teesport.

    Safety / Workboat. Marine support for jetty refurbishment / repair.

  • Weir on The Wear

    Safety / Work boat and two pontoons. River Wear at Framwellgate. Repairs to weir and fish ladder.



  • New Helmatic Arctic 28

    The latest addition to our fleet.

    A Helmatic Arctic 28. Plan is to build a small cabin on the boat to provide all the year round shelter and accomodation for the crew.


  • Sea Minion "Sea Trials"

    Testing our uprated rigid boat Sea Minion. Ideal for work in and around jetties, alongside fenders and where underwater obstacles might endanger an inflatable boat.

  • Suction Monopiles River Tyne

    NESB providing essential round the clock safety boat support at Shepard Offshore. New suction monopiles being floated out on The Tyne. These will be towed to Blyth as part of a new technology offshore windfarm study. 

  • Blyth Drill Inspections

    NESB were recently tasked to provide marine support for drill operations being conducted in Blyth. Fully utilising the modular NATO pontoons with spud legs to accomodate the large geo-sonic drill rig. On station to manouvere the pontoons' were NESB's trusty "Sea Eagle" skippered by the experienced Jay Kelly.

  • Construction Line

    Membership No.196545

    North East Safety Boats & Co Ltd are now members of Constructionline.

  • Sunset

    An awesome sunset taken on a recent offshore project.

  • Nov/Dec 2016


    A busy last few months for NESB, we are currently working accross 3 sites on the River Tees which has led to us purchasing more assests to better secure our position on the river as a leading operator. Although stretched at times we have endeavoured to provide a first class service for our clients. The new year is looking very promising with contracts continuing and starting in the North East.

  • ConocoPhillips

    NESB have been awarded a marine support services contract at the ConocoPhillips site situated on the River Tees. This involves the provision of Safety Boats and Work Boats and the transportation of the clients modular pontoons.

    Our vessels are being used to effectively transport personnel, stores and equipment during shot blasting and painting works.

  • YOKOHAMA Fender

    INEOS required this Yokohama Fender to be refurbished within one week!

    The task involved removal from site to our workshop, providing new chains and tyres and then repositioning at INEOS no 2 Jetty on the Tees.

    A spokesman from Kaefer, who were the contractors involved, stated that " Only NESB could have completed the job on time and to such a high standard."

  • EDF Pontoon Sea Minion

    NESB were asked by Waitings to provide a suitable vessel for access under the jetty at Victoria Dock, which would also be suitable to carry out hot works. The solution was "Sea Minion" our ex MOD Rigid Raider this extremely versatile vessel was more than suited to the task and provided the right means to get the job done safely and efficiently and within tidal restrictions.

  • Sea Eagle Chase Boat

    Short video of "Sea Eagle" acting as a chase boat for a scene in Vera. The vessel ahead is the Port of Tynes Pilot Cutter.


  • Jay & Tiny Blow Up A Fishing Boat!

    Tiny & Jay on the set of ITV's "Vera" providing safety boat cover during pyrotechnics.

  • Teesside Windfarm Pontoon Installation

    North East Safety Boats are currently providing safety boat services for a pontoon installation at Victoria Dock, Hartlepool. The new pontoon is being installed for Teesside Wind Farm's Operation and Maintenance support vessel. NESB have also provided the welding lifejackets for hot works as well as inductions for the safe use on the lifejackets.


  • Filming on the Tyne

    Working alongside Loran Dunn productions NESB provided marine support for the upcomming short film "Marina and Adrrienne". Our RIB "Sea Eagle" was utilised by the film and production crew as a chase boat for filming as well as acting as a safety boat when alongside or at sea. NESB also provided a safety officer to help the film and production crew to carry out any maritime evolutions safely and efficiently.

  • SABIC Ledwood Engineering

    SABIC Ledwood

    Working alongside Ledwood Engineering, NESB provided safety boat cover on the SABIC for remedial works being carried out. NESB also provided consultancy and lifejackets for the client as well as lifejacket inductions for personnel unfamiliar with their operation.


  • The Next James Bond?

    Congratulations to Jay and Tiny for taking over 3 hours of ITV last night. First of all it was the Beowulf scene where the lads were involved with the river crossing scene which involved the use of pontoons for the production team to film off. Next we had Vera, NESB provided safety boat cover during filming, then were later asked to provide a boat for a scene at Paddys Hole Redcar were the crew were used as extras. Autographs can be obtained from Unit 5A, Longhill Ind Est, Hartlepoool.

  • New Brochure

    Vanessa has been busy in the office putting together a new brochure, the new brochure has now came back from print and is available on request.

  • SABIC River Tees

    Our third time on the SABIC site with clients imressed with the performance of the crew and vessels used. Our trusty sea rider has been tasked to provide safety boat cover for remedial works being carried out on the jetty. Working closely with the client we were able to provide lifejackets for works being carried out on the jetty, as well as providing lifejackets we were asked to provide a briefing and induction on the safe working practices of the lifejackets giving the client a sense of ease that personnel have the confidence on the use of lifejackets.

  • Balfour Beaty (Sabic Site) River Tees

    NESB recently provided a Safety Boat and Workboat for Balfour Beaty on the SABIC site for remedial works on the underside of a jetty on the river tees.
    NESB worked closely with the client providing maritime advice on the the tidal restrictions involved and the safest method to carry out the works in such a confined space.
    Our coxswain showed great skill in manoeuvring the vessels in to position, to ensure that the work was carried out safely within the clients timescales and without incident.

  • MC Construction/MPI

    Working at the new MPI Tees base, MC Construction asked NESB to provide a safety boat for Demobilisation work being carried out on the MPI Adventure. This involved lots of over the side working with personnel being deployed over the side of the vessel to carry out hot working practices. NESB were there for the protection of the staff in the unlikely event of personnel falling in to the water utilising our fast rescue craft to its best abilities.

  • River Tyne - Pier inspection

    We were contracted by WPH Marine Construction to provide a boat and skipper to access the underside of the pier. We utilised one of our more manouverable boats to be able to negotiate the stanschions, paired with our lead skipper.

    This was accomplished within the timescales agreed with WPH, and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.

  • Jacksons Landing

    Jacksons Landing in Hartlepool Marina held its first, and hopefully not its last, music festival. NESB were asked to provide safety boat cover for the event. The event had 5000 attendees and had 2 sound stages, a very successful day with all revelers behaving themselves.

  • The Gut, North Shields, River Tyne. ITV

    NESB were contracted by an Independant production company, contracted to produce a well known ITV crime drama. We were required to provide a safety boat at "The Gut" (Fish Quay) located on the River Tyne at North Shields.
    This involved working with the stunt team and film crew to ensure all maritme operations were carried out safely.

  • Interserve Deepdale Viaduct

    NESB have been contracted to provide safety boat cover for scaffolding works on the disused Deepdale Viaduct. The viaduct is situated at Barnard Castle on the River Tees. This is ongoing and is expected to last approximately 2 weeks.

  • River Tees - ITV

    With a short mobilisation NESB were asked to provide pontoons and personnel for an upcoming ITV production. This was an arduous task owing to the remoteness of the location.

    This was successfully accomplished in a safe manner despite the challenges brought about by the distance from the road and the terrain involved.

    This underlines our commitment to getting the job right the first time with a collaborative approach to any problems that might arise from the project in hand.

  • Sabic - River Tees

    NESB were recently tasked by ESG to provide marine support on the Sabic Tees site. We supplied modular pontoons and manned safety boats to provide access to the underside of Sabic’s jetties.

    This was to enable ESG to carry out their remedial works to the jetties.

  • Work work work!

    Our lead skipper Jay has just completed three days providing a safety boat for a job working with ESG in conjunction with Sabic for a survey on Jetty 2. Once again another job Jay enjoyed thoroughly carrying out at Wilton with more work to come.

    NESB providing all services for work carried out over and on the water! Professionals and experts in our area.

  • Heerema/Cory Brothers shipping agency

    Work was carried out by North East Safety Boats at Heerema Hartlepool for Cory Brothers Shipping agency who were very pleased with what we provided. We can quote "We felt reassured that there was a competant boat crew available in the event of an emergency" We feel proud to be associated with such a large, professional group that proves not matter how large or small your business, if the work is done correctly and to the highest standards it speaks for itself.

    As you can see we had fun doing this job as always!

  • Big contracts!

    North East Safety Boats are currently with an ongoing project with INEOS and MC Construction. We have upcoming work also in the River Tees on a bridge demolition job and contracted for the development on Teesport Quay 2. 2015 is already proving to be a very busy year for NESB and we anticipate more work to come. We love our job and this shows in all of the work we carry out, starting from queries all the way up to job delivery you can expect the very best service from us. Dont forget to contact us for more info on what we do and how we can help you.

  • Anti-fouling service

    We now offer a full anti-fouling service and maintainance for your sea going vessel. Find out more on our Services section!

  • New Payment Method!

    NESB Can now accept orders and payments over the phone so please have a browse on the online store and if there is anything you require but cannot see it or need a different size please contact us on 01429 868637 and we will do everything we can to meet your needs

    Follow us on Twitter @NEsafetyboats


    North East Safety Boats are currently working on the River Tees for Ineos as they carry out jetty repairs and anode replacement. We are pleased to be working with a very experienced team that have chosen our expertise in the field to work alongside them. We are looking at a busy Year in 2015 and wish you all the best!

  • Newark-on-trent

    North East Safety Boats carried out work for HRS Services on monday 8th December 2014 during a bridge survey in Newark-on-Trent. Although based in the North East we are always more than willing to take on jobs anywhere in the United Kingdom any day of the week. No job is too small or too large for North East Safety Boats and our extremely experienced crew. Please take a look at our other recent work in the news section and feel free to contact us for any queries or quotes.

  • Safey Boat Cover MPI Adventure

    NESB were tasked to provide safety boat cover for MPI Adventure. After a quick mobilisation NESB were on site and providing cover for scheduled maintenance on the MPI Adventure based on the River Tees.

  • MPI Adventure

    NESB were tasked for a quick mobilisation to carry out safety boat duties whilst work is carried out on the MPI Adventure this will be ongoing throughout October and November 2014.

  • ISO 9001

    NESB are proud to announce that they are working towards ISO 9001 accreditation. 

  • Survey The Wash

    NESB were recently asked to provide a vessel for survey work on the Wash whilst scientists conducted core sampling.

  • Our new premises

    NESB are proud to announce we have moved into new premises, Unit 4B Longhill Ind Est, Hartlepool, this allows us to keep all the vessels in one place and provide maintenance in a safe area.

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