Having to venture to the wilds of Keilder Reservoir is a holiday for some but for the NESB team we endured a week of driving winds and rain whilst tasked with the removal of an old pontoon jetty at Tower Knowe which was previously used by the infamous Keilder ferry “Osprey” to transport customers around the waterway. The pontoons had been subject to adverse weather conditions for twenty plus years and had detreated so much that the floatation had failed, steel work had failed, and the timber decking was rotten.  Throughout the week each individual pontoon was split from their connecting pins with mooring chains disconnected the pontoon was towed to the slipway for removal by the awaiting HIAB and taken to the site compound where the floats and timbers were removed for recycling. The background and setting to conduct a project like this was unbelievable despite the weather being against us, the project was extremely dynamic and given the remote location we had to bring the workshop to the job adapting to problems as they came, Andy and Graham the crew from “Osprey” were more than accommodating and would never hesitate to help, with everyone working as a team we succeeded in achieving what we intended safely and without incident.