Our last adventure to Kielder was cold, wet and windy, however, this time the NESB team enjoyed glorious views and beautiful weather whilst repairing the Belvedere Pontoon which had been out of commission for five years.

The NESB team relied on Sea Fury as a transfer vessel and welfare for crew and equipment due to the remote location on the reservoir, confident that the vessel could get the job done.

Due to the failure of the pontoons floats and the timber joists suffering from age a safe system of work was put together using lift bags to lift the pontoon sections out of the water allowing the old floats to be removed and the new ones installed, on completion of the float installation the timber joists were replaced and the decking reinstalled.

Some photos of the team’s time at Kielder Water working on the hammerhead section.

Well done to the team, another happy client.